Texas Rubberized Roof Coating, LLC

About Us

Texas Rubberized Roof Coating, LLC was founded in 2009. Our focus was on roof coatings because the work is less invasive and the protection against leaks and harmful UV rays is second to none. We know precisely how to apply elastomeric coatings to offer our customers the best possible roofing solution at the price that is more cost effective than traditional roofing methods. Our goal when we began is the same is the same as it is today, 100% customer satisfaction.

Texas Rubberized Roof Coating, LLC is located in El Paso, TX and we are proud members of the El Paso community. Please click on the References page and read yourself what are customers have to say about us. If you like what you read or want more information please Contact Us.

STOP LEAKS –¬†Our products are always sprayed on, never rolled. The key is to achieve the proper thickness of material with an even coat. The liquid enters problem areas then cures. A single membrane is formed that seals moisture away from your roof surface.


  • Wind : By sealing problem areas, wind cannot get under or into your roof to cause lifting of shingle or felt material.
  • Water : Spraying on elastomeric roof coatings gives you roof a waterproof membrane that will not allow moisture through to the surface below.
  • Hail : Hail does not cause damage to our rubber membrane. In fact, it bounces right off.
  • Solar Radiation : The sun’s rays can be very damaging to the surface of your roof. By using a super-white elastomeric rubber, up to 85% of those dangerous UV rays are reflected away from your roof. There are 2 major benefits of this:
    1. Lower temperatures on your roof and in your home : Reflecting the sun’s rays lowers the temperature on your roof and in your home. In the summer, temperatures on your roof can climb to over 120 degrees. When the UV rays are reflected you have a 10 to 20 degree decrease in the temperature of your roof. You can walk on our roofs barefoot! As a result, you turn the air on less often and save money on electricity.
    2. Thermal Shock : Thermal shock is the term for what happens to your roof when the temperature starts out low in the morning and increase 20 or more degrees throughout the day. Your home and roof expand and contract with the changes in temperature. Your roof literally tears itself apart. We take the heat off of your roof and parapet walls with a coating that reflects¬† up to 85% of the sun’s UV rays while expanding and contracting with your home. The results is a roof that will last longer because it is under less stress.

TAX BREAKS – We are roofers, not accountants. Federal tax deductions may be available for specific products. Check with your accountant for more details.

Texas Rubberized Roof Coating, LLC is insured and bonded.